A Mother's Instruction

By Miss Tara Y.

My dear, (my mother said to me), beware how you spend your days,

By idling the time away, a fool you're apt to be.

Guard your heart from sinfulness and keep a watchful eye,

For the world is full of sin and will tell you a lie.

Cooking and cleaning, washing and baking: these are good skills to learn,

But all of these are half as good as a difficult turn.

A turn away from sin and death, a turn to joy and life;

A turn of heart, a turn of mind, a turn away from strife.

Mold your character and be a woman fit for praise,

And may our God, the Lord of all, bless you all your days.

A Thanks for Life

By Miss Emily C.

I'm thankful for the Lord's great love,
For all my sins He paid,
I'd gladly give my life for Him,
For that I'm not afraid.

To live is Christ to die is gain,
My God I won't disdain,
I won't be sad to leave this world,
He'll take away my pain.

Each day's a gift from God above,
Don't waste it, use it well,
I cannot wait until he comes,
And in his house I'll dwell.

Corner Pillars

By Miss Kathryn I.

Daughters and pillars, how are they similar you say?

In their purposes and functions, I'll tell you, if I may.

They have three main functions, I wish for you to know,

And it is my prayer, that in them, you will grow.

The first is supporting, and this is what you are to do,

Support your parents, they're the roof, God has given you.

The second is adorning, and it's your home to beautify,

May you have a joyful spirit, that doesn't moan or sigh.

Memorials to the Lord, is function number three,

When others look at you, may Christ be who they see.

Oh, to be a corner pillar, for the palace of our King,

May you glorify the Lord, and His praises ever sing!

In order to be strong, stand on the Corner Stone,

That Stone is Jesus Christ, trust in Him alone.

Deliverance and Patience

By Miss Baylie W.

In a wee and stout fort

On the shore of the James,

Lived a small group of settlers,

Determined and brave.

They had battled the natives

And suffered much pain;

Now starvation threatened

To dig them their graves.

Discouraged and weary,

They gave in to despair.

Setting sail for their homeland,

They left Jamestown there

Amidst their dashed hopes and dreams.

On the shore frontier

They had tried, and now failing,

Old England looked fair.

But lo! In the distance

Two ships did draw near,

With supplies and provisions

To last them a year.

God had, in His providence,

With safe passage blessed

The Deliv’rence and Patience.

History tells the rest…

So ‘oft in our lives

We begin to despair,

And abandon the vision

That once seemed so clear.

Then God lovingly sends us

Deliverance from fear,

And Patience, the fruit of

Our trials and tears.

Press on, weary pilgrim!

Never fear or despair.

Deliverance is coming,

I see her just there.

And Patience along with her,

God’s promised reward

For those who are faithful.

Stand strong in the Lord!


Helping Around the House

By Miss Elizabeth M.

Jesus tells us to obey our parents
My parents have me to help
Around the house
And this is how I do it.

I help do the dishes and the sink
If I don't have dishes done, I can't get a drink
Because I wouldn't have a cup to drink out of
Even though dishes aren't my greatest love
They still need to be done.

I take care of my youngest sister
I have another poem that I wrote about her
She is a dear little two-year old
Even though she has pulled
My hair, but, that was on accident.

I sometimes help downstairs
Getting it spick and span!
Doing my school is helping, too
To myself and my Mom
So that I can learn.

This is what I do to help around the house
And serving my family and Jesus
Because Jesus tells us to obey our parents
And my parents have me help
Around the house.

Here I Am
By Miss Rose H.

You have given me life.
You have given me a passion.
You have given me strength.
You have brought me to this place.
So here I am.
Here I am to worship you.
Here I am to give you praise.
Here I am to give you my life.
Here I am to lay it down.
Here I am to surrender my life to you.
Here I am.

By Miss Melanie K.

Home is where a traveler can find a place to stay,

Home is where the children gather at their play.

Home is where a mother works and oversees,

Home is where God's word brings gentleness and peace.

Home is where a baby coos in soft delight,

Home is where the husband comes back to every night.

Home is where the lawn shows special loving care,

Home is where flowers are sprinkled everywhere.

Home is where a new life begins and where it ends,

Home is where you gather in safety with your friends.

Home is where History is taught and where it's learned, 

Home is where forgiveness abounds, where apologies are returned.

Home is where the daughter trains to be a wife,

Home is where the son prepares himself for life.

Home is where families begin and where they end,

Home is where Jesus is found the best of friends.

I Will Live for My Redeemer

By Miss Baylie W.

I will live for my Redeemer  ~

All earth’s joys are but a name,

When compared to Christ my Savior,

Through all ages still the same.

Oh, how can I help but love Him,

Who for me God’s judgment bore!

Showered love and blessing on me,

Bid me fear and weep no more.

I will live for my Redeemer ~

He and only Him I’ll praise,

Who has purchased my salvation

And who keeps me with His grace.

O the joy of sin forgiven,

Hell and death I fear no more!

Death for me holds no more terror

For it opens heaven’s door.

I will live for my Redeemer ~

‘Tis the debt to Him I owe.

Oh, I can withhold Him nothing

Since He deigns to love me so!

O what boundless grace and mercy;

His own life for me He gave.

Out of love I pledge forever

To be His most willing slave.

I will live for my Redeemer ~

‘Till my life on earth is o’er,

And throughout the endless ages

I’ll adore Him more and more.

Laud and honor to the Savior!

Praise and blessing to the One

Who did purchase my redemption

By the death of His own Son!

My Girlhood

By Jill Novak

My girlhood is a pleasant place

Where life and love abound,

For here it is that all I am

Is waiting to be found.

In play I spend an endless time

Where only I can go,

A child still inside the girl

A pure-white, budding rose.


My girlhood is a time for God

His hand, His voice, His face,

His steady stream of steadfast love

Within my days I trace.

I rest assured of this one thing

He'll never leave my side,

For in my girlhood heart of hearts

He always will abide.


My girlhood home is all I need

To learn of servant-hood,

For here my Father and my Mother

Seek only what is good.

They take the time to teach me well

And help me understand,

That girlhood is a time of life

To lend a helping hand.


My girlhood is a priceless gift

A training ground, you see,

Where love for others, sisters and brothers

Will always be the key.

For God will cover my girlhood years

In all I do and say,

'Till someday a woman I will be

When girlhood passes away.

Taken from The Gift of Family Writing by Jill Novak

Used by permission of Remembrance Press • www.RemembrancePress.com


By Miss R. J. G.

Sometimes I think sisters are a pain,

They leave their things all over the place!

Books on the dresser, math on the chair,

Clothes dangling upside down from the closet,

Dolls on my bed… that I just cleaned off!

Little sis in my hand-cream that cost me a fortune!

These as are just a few very good reasons

To think Sisters are a pain!

But, I must not think this way at all,

It’s absolutely not God’s thinking, 

So, I must have right thinking or I am in trouble!

That is why I must try my hardest to be,

A virtuous girl, my Daddy’s daughter and His Handmaiden,

For little sisters are a blessing from God,

Sent to teach me!


They Are Brothers NOT Bothers!

By Miss R. J. G.

Do you have brothers?

Do you think they are bothers?

Well, they are not bothers,

They are brothers!

Sometimes they'll bug us.

And most often tease us,

But we ought to count it all joy!

We ought to be kind and gentle,

And they'll stop the bugging and teasing!

Now I have to learn this lesson as well,

For I have brothers like you,

It's a hard thing to learn,

So let's learn it!

Used by permission of Virtuous Girlhood • www.VirtuousGirlhood.com


Work & Play

By Miss Emily Grace Wengerd

I like to work as well as play,

But work sure does more good,

And every time I work for Mom,

I'm doing what I should.

And when I play instead of work,

When Mom says that I may,

It sure feels good to run around,

Enjoying all my play.

Sometimes when Mom gives me a job,

I'd rather not do work,

But it is good to faithful be—

My duty not to shirk.

Used by permission of Keepers at Home Magazine - 1.800.852.4482

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