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Sewing for the Savior Newsletter


Email: midwife2Chad (at)

Sewing for the Savior is a monthly newsletter with a devotional and a description of the latest projects of the Sewing for the Savior ministry.  Free of charge, SftS comes to your mailbox.  The ministry is not just for those who sew but for those who have a heart to bless brothers and sisters in the ministry.  If you would like to sign up for this newsletter, please e-mail Miranda at midwife2Chad (at) or visit my website at  and sign up there.  Thank you! 

Suggested age range: 10 and up

The Girlhood Home Companion Magazine


The Girlhood Home Companion (published by Remembrance Press) is a beautiful magazine, companion guide, and keepsake treasure all rolled into one publication. Each issue  centers on one godly character quality at a time and is explored  in-depth through editorials, articles, and stories that will minister to a girl's heart. There is nothing for girls like the Girlhood Home Companion!

Suggested age range: 10 and up

Shining Stars Magazine

Mailing Address: Shining Stars, P.O. Box 60, Bradyville, TN 37026


Email: shiningstarsmagazine (at)

This is a quarterly magazine that is focused on encouraging  single girls and ladies, especially those who desire to be keepers of the home and follow the role of Biblical womanhood; walking out their destiny contrary to the way most of the world  believes. The name of this magazine is inspired by Daniel 12:3 and Philippians 2:14-15. There is no subscription fee; we ask readers to prayerfully consider helping to cover the cost of printing and mailing, with donations. For a sample issue or subscription, please contact us (see contact info above) or you can find out more about Shining Stars at

Suggested age range: 12 and up

Keepers at Home Magazine

Phone #: 1 - 800 - 852 - 4482

Each issue of Keepers at Home magazine contains encouraging articles, recipes, poems, gardening tips, projects, and birth announcements.

Suggested age range: 12 and up

Watching for the Morning

Email: candace714 (at)

This newsletter was created for the purpose of encouraging young,  Christian ladies to seek the Lover of their Soul, stay busy for His Kingdom, and prepare for His coming as they wait on Him to provide a suitable husband in His time and His way with a pure heart. It is absolutely free, and is available by snail mail or email. Email to subscribe.

Suggested age range: 15 and up

More resources coming!

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